next generation of communications tools - vr/video/audio/screen

The ability to meet in a small or large group is one of the main prohibitions that we are faced with. Sometimes we want to meet with someone or a group in an ad hoc and spontaneous manner. Being limited physically opens the opportunity to use collaborative VR technologies to meet as before. Now, we have the advantage of sharing not only images, sound, and video. We can now share a collaborative 3d experience - the next level. If we can use a metaphor, its similar to the difference between a propeller engine and a jet engine. The propeller engine in this case is sharing applications that give us a live video feed of the others. Now, we not only have the video feed as before, we also have 3d objects, avatars and environments. It will become even more clear when Apple introduces products like "Apple Glass". This is a next generation of hardware that will allow more people access to these virtual and augmented realities.

For our Meeting solution, we provide the following:

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