Virtual Reality is no longer rocket science

The growth of VR has gone exponential in 2020. We are a Virtual Reality production studio that will help you understand why .


Presenting a product in a collaborative multi user vr environment is a solution to this problem. We can apply the same logic as before, expect that we have to use a new set of tools.

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The ability to meet in a small or large group is one of the main prohibitions that we are faced with. Sometimes we want to meet with someone or a group in an ad hoc and spontaneous manner.

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One of the key advantages of current 3d/vr/ar technology is the ability to view objects in a shared environment. Objects can be complex things like cameras and other tools that require..

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What is web based VR?

This allows for the visualization of 3d content in a web page as an embedded object. An example technology would be Three.js - This is a platform independent JavaScript library and application programming interface (API) used to create and display animated 3D computer graphics in a web browser using Web GL. The nice thing here is the ability to have several perspectives including desktop, VR glasses, and smart phone view of the same element. There many more technologies out there and our skill is to combine these technologies in one unified server which fulfills a purpose. We help define, design and implement that purpose with our clients.

Why Open Source?

Our use of open source tools gives us the capability of adapting our solutions as each requirement demands. Everything is transparent and we even share our posts in technical with clients to keep them updated. With open source, the idea is to give our clients an open box which they can arrange to expand and improve as time goes by. Our ultimate objective is to give our clients the support and training they need to be autonomous. With each server, we will train your team to do things like update contents, send out invitations, arrange for events and activities.

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Door to Open Source
Web VR Example

"This time it simply reproduces my bedroom; but colour must be abundant in this part, its simplification adding a rank of grandee to the style applied to the objects, getting to suggest a certain rest or dream."

These words were whispered by Vincent Van Gough to his brother as he discussed his creation. The objective of Web based VR is to immerse you in this experience without having to break your concentration with things like cables and headsets. We want to be invisible to the user, VR is just a tool for telling a story. We give you the tools to tell your story.

Xeo GL Open Source Example: Van Gogh Room

About Us

We are a Swiss based virtual reality production studio specializing in collaborative multi user VR solutions.

We use open source technologies to deliver the most efficient and cost effective solution. All of our work includes a one year after sales service guarantee.

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Great vision without great people is irrelevant. Let's work together.

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